Meet the Queen

Welcome to Queen De La Cuisine.  17021999_1215117345276436_6222554180940652165_n

Hello, beautiful world.  My name is Alexis.  Allow me to share my story with you…


Queen de la Cuisine is a dream in the making.  I love to cook and my personal passion is to create food that I can enjoy with the people I love.  Let’s eat!


It started with me and my son, Jude.  When he was a toddler, I was doing mom-life on a budget.  But I have never had cheap taste for food.  I started with chili!  Beans and spices became a fun way to experiment and make hearty meals without breaking the bank.  The passion began!


From there, I began researching and embraced the knowledge of buying and cooking with seasonal foods; cooking with fruits and vegetables that are in season keeps meals fresh and affordable.  I realized how much fun I have when I’m in the kitchen.  Then, I took a leap of faith, and moved to Portland, OR to attend culinary school.


Culinary school was an incredibly humbling experience.  I learned to trust my instinct and that the chef inside me knows what she is doing.  I took the classical techniques I learned and applied them to my more progressive approach to cooking.  I graduated with honors and returned home with my kiddos (Jude and Violet) to Tri-Cities, WA.


Moving home and mastering my own unique style in the kitchen was the ultimate catalyst for my catering career.  From smoked salmon mac-n-cheese to lavender cakes, people saw my passion and wanted a slice.  Now, I spend my days chasing kids and filling orders.  I make custom cakes for weddings, cater private dinner parties with decadent five-course meals, bake personalized cupcakes for birthdays and everything in between.  If you need it, I can make it.


I am so proud to be able to follow my dreams.  I am showing my children that it is important to find something that you love and just go for it.  I aim to chase that success.  I like to think that my existence in this life is going to help the world, and for me, it is touching peoples lives, one meal at a time.  That is truly my purpose, and for that,  I am thankful.

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